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The m-haditec GmbH provides companies in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland with Halal-Certification Services, to certificate and document acceptable, pure and therefore permitted (halal) goods from the Islamic point of view. This includes foods, cosmetics and other consumer goods. The Halal-Certificate leads to a marketing advantage.

The certification of products is carried out on the basis of fatwas (Islamic legal opinion) of Imam Ayatullah-ul-Udhma Seyyid Ali Khamene'i on this subject. Furthermore trained German experts from the Encyclopaedia of Islam and specialist of Islamic rules consult companies within the productions conversion to Halal-production and products. we support you also preparing the visit of Muslim associate partners, who attach importance to Halal goods. 

In addition the companies employee can be trained according to intercultural compentence before staying abroad in a Muslims country.

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