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Costs Frame

The costs are fixed based on the number of certified products, on their syndication and the needed expenses. Following listing is only a help for orientation. For the Certification of several equivalent products in the same production equipment only one visiting lump sum is considered. Ask us!

Costs (all prices plus tax MwSt.)

First Inspection

Traveling Expenses 0,60 Euro per distance-km
Basis Lump Sum 450,- Euro

The basic lump sum will be credited if certifications is completed.

Annual Subscription for the Certification (plus tax MwSt.)

Classification of goods

1 2 3a, 3b
1st year 2400,- 2800,- Euro 3200,-
following years 1800,- 2200,- Euro 2600,-
  • Classification 1: Non-Food
  • Classification 2: Food without Animal Additives & Fisch
  • Classification 3a: Meat Products (incl. Fowls)


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